StarTuned September 2018

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In this issue:

ABS Update

This safety essential is changing all the time.  Make sure you understand newer systems and how they’re integrated with other features.

Eliminating Intake Tract Deposits

Especially with direct injection, carbon build-up here is becoming a big issue.  What does Mercedes-Benz recommend?

Wholesale Team Spotlight: Stefanie Schweigler

Stefanie and her team exist for one purpose -- to make it faster, easier, and more profitable for you to buy your replacement parts from your local dealership’s parts department.

Are You a Pad Hanger?

Hang pads? Most upscale shops have junked their brake lathes, but do you always have to replace those discs during a reline?  Mercedes-Benz engineers give us the truth.

Adhesive Bonding & Riveting Have Evolved

The latest on materials and procedures

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