StarTuned December 2017

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In this issue:

Cooling Fan Circuits

Does the fan come on at odd times, maybe not at all, or runs continuously?  Here’s an overview of the functionality of engine cooling fans and their circuitry.


Control Unit Programming Now!

Reflashing, recalibrating, and marrying are now essentials of the auto service business.  You need XENTRY!


Harness Repairs 2017

Often, repairing a wiring harness makes more sense than replacing the whole thing. Mercedes-Benz makes it easy to do a high-quality, long-lasting job.


Recalibration of Driver-assist Technologies

Before returning the vehicle to your customer, here are tips to help you catch trouble codes that alert you to calibrate or reset them after repairs.


Wholesale Team Spotlight: Ron Resnick

Parts Sales Manager for the 115 or so Mercedes-Benz dealerships in 13 southeastern states, Ron really loves the parts business. Virtually his entire professional career - 40+ years -has been in the parts business, much of it within the Mercedes-Benz family.

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