StarTuned March 2015

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In this issue:

Shake Down Driveline Vibration

While tracking down the source of bad vibes may not make you a lot of money, it sure can make you a hero to your customers.

Getting to know SAM

These modules have been in production since just before the turn of the century, but if you still don’t understand their functions diagnosis will be more difficult than it has to be.

Reformulated Gasoline: Watch Out for Quality Variation!

Misfires, knocking, volatility problems and other issues can occur due to lack of adequate fuel quality controls. RFG quality variations can result in different engine performance from one tankful to the next.

Mercedes-Benz: Vehicle Safety Evolved

Not that many years ago, the advanced safety systems found on Mercedes-Benz vehicles would’ve been considered science fiction, and there’s no question that they’ve helped prevent thousands of accidents.  So, you sure don’t want to compromise their functionality during collision repair.

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